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Friday, January 29, 2010

I Ma So So So So Bored

0ne wh0le day i did n0thing except chat chat chat and chat
i talk
i talk
duck i talk
bull shit i talk
O-M-G ~

every friday i am so freakkin free

no class at
all ~
growing mushroom , i should go and sell mushroom ! >.< seri0usly i need s0mething t0 fill my friday !
i cant sh0p every friday either `
ahem i wanted t0 but i wil br0ke T^T

mama i need extra p0cket m0ney ~~~

0h yeah ` the 0nly meaningful thing i did is play
baby vi0lin
hmmmm , sh0uld i perf0rm during da sch c0ncert ?

dilemma >.<

*plucking fl0wer petal , yes , n0 , yes , n0* =__=
why i am the perf0rmance
leader ?! *cryyyy*
gahhhhh ``` i hate ma line ```
i hate chiu i hate chiu i hate chiu ! T_T
yeah babe , call me DC queen
bc0z 0f the stupid line , i can't play webbie cammie with ma net frd !
DAMN IT ~ *zhang sei lei*

RUI j0ining sch badmint0n clubbie
HOHO~ 1st practice 2mr *yay*

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