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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exam Shytz

Another piece of shytty crap humans
I am just freakkin b0red + ann0yed facing the sunway TES textb00k
what a w0nderful planning
examz bef0re CNY ? ^*&^%$^%$^#
i am s0 freakkin int0 the g0ng xi g0ng xi d0ng d0ng qiang m00d la kayy =_=
ppl sh0p for CNY , i study like a NERD at h0me ?
*CRYYYYY* >__<

s0metimes w0ndering why i taking this c0urse
d0 i really s0 int0 acc0unts ?
i bet n0
i am a science student all the while
and i c0pe it well
i guessed =)
after graduate fr0m high sch00l
i have n0 directi0n at all d0no
where t0 g0 d0n0
what t0 study
just like an idiot listening t0 auntie uncle ppl auntie ppl uncle's advice
the w0rst thing was . . .
ma great uncle ,
" girl , study acc0unt , acc0unt very g00d ,
n0 need scared later n0b0dy hire y0u later ,
uncle sp0ns0r y0u with the fees "
well , ppl , seee , fees sp0ns0rship ~ !
wh0 w0nt g0 f0r it ?
and yeah , readers , you are right
i really g0 f0r that sp0ns0rship and that c0urse
and n0w due t0 s0me pr0b
due t0 s0me misunderstanding
yeah , he eat up his w0rd
sp0ns0rship ? nahhhh , g0ne =[
and i am STUCK
n0w ma m0m have t0 refinance her h0use
in 0rder t0 lemmi c0ntinue ma study ='[
sorry mama i wil pay back t0 y0u , I SWEAR !
s0rry f0r bringing s0 much pr0b t0 y0u
mummy I LOVE YOU and SORRY =[

PS : well , ma post run off abit frm the title *opssie*

wish me luck ppl


  1. yeah.. everywhere needs accountants these days. more and more businesses coming up.. =)

  2. yeah man
    thats why no matter how
    i gonna achieve ma ACCA