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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Geo Nudy Series ❤

[ by RUI ` ]

Price : RM35 per pair
Pos Express : RM3
Pos Laju : RM5
Batch Discount Allowed ( 3 pairs and above )
2 pairs above no charge on postage fees =)


  1. Nanged Your Ads
    Nang My Ads Too

  2. well ,
    thank you so much =]
    wil nang back ^^

  3. thanks kenwooi
    buy one for your gf ~

  4. i want...i want...:P is it true can last for a never use lenses before...

  5. yeahhh ~
    it can last for one year =]
    i am using it
    want it ? =)

  6. can you explain to me detail?how to order from you?want to try la :P discount is it?

  7. hmmm ~
    if you really wan ,
    first tell me which lens you wan [exp : geo nudy grey]
    then give me your power [exp: L200 R200]

    gimme your contact number i wil contact you once you confirm you wanna buy
    then wil tell you the details later on

    got discount if you bought 5 pairs above =]
    maybe you can ask your frd to buy also ?
    then can get discount
    i can give you 37 per pairs if more than 5 pairs =]

  8. i see...hmmm~ can i have a pairs that no power? ppl call for it...:P i want '0' power..haha

    ehe...i dunno..which 1 do u prefer to used if its yours?

    how about the delivery charges?FOC?:D

  9. haha ~ sure
    for your infomation
    geo nudy green and geo nudy violet only got 0 degree =]

    i used grey and brown before
    as you can see in the pic
    both also not bad =] [vain , haha]

    where you stay yeah ?

  10. once again
    what power you wan ar gadis borneo

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. hmmm ~ the geo nudy gold i have 0 degree wan =]
    i guess you have no power right ?
    hehe =]

    pos express
    1 pair RM3
    2-3 pairs RM4
    (not recommended , cause wont responsible for the lost ^^)

    Pos Laju - first 500gm -- RM 7 (WEST M'sia)
    1KG -- RM 10 (WEST M'sia)
    first 500gm -- RM 5 (EAST M'sia)
    1KG -- RM 7 (EAST M'sia)
    first 500gm-- RM 6.50 (SABAH)
    1KG -- RM 9.60 (SABAH)

  13. how bout the payment method?do u accept paypal?or bank-in money?

  14. hmmm ~
    can you bank in into my account ?

  15. Hello.
    Last for one year means i can wear it for whole year or keep them for one year?

  16. =)
    last for one year means you can wear for one year