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Friday, April 30, 2010

4 movies in a week =P

Although this is not the first time
The feeling was great
Btw , my highest record was 6 movies in a week
So , this is just two third of it wert XD

What I watched ?
Uhm ` Kick Ass , How to train a dragon , Ip Man 2 and last but not least Iron Man 2 =D
Wonder why I so free for that ?
Well people , its STUDY WEEK
Uhm which means HOLIDAY xD

Okay lets start my COMBO MOVIE REVIEWS :

1. Kick Ass

Went for this movie with Yat at Cathay after the MAS FACEBOOK BIRTHDAY BASH . Ok well , the main actor Dave was such a NERD , look at him I just simply went LOOOOL xD And look at his stupid costume . He looks like a physco diver XD But guess what , I actually amazed by his courage , for such a chicken to stand up to be a hero =) And in certain scene he actually look cool although most of the time he looks like an idiot HAHA

My rating will be ❤❤❤ for the laugh =)

2. How to train a dragon

Watch this with Jassmine at Sunway TGV after didn't meet for half a year ? XD This was a great animation OMG . okay people I know I am so freakkin late for this movie . Guess you guys have read millions of movie review about this right =) I just wanna say that OMAGOSH , TOOTHLESS WAS SO SO SO SO CUTE X) seriously , I am screaming from the bottom of my heart =P There are few scene which made me so touch , scene when toothless rush to save Hiccups , scene when the father actually realise his fault and apologize to Hiccups , scene when toothless protect its little master Hiccups until the end no matter what , etc . Awww ~

My rating will be ❤❤❤❤❤ . =]

3. Ip Man 2

Actually just back from this movie from Cathay . Went with my tax class classmate . First outing with them and no doubt the outing rocks ^^ Uhm back to the movie . I gonna confess that I am a real big fans of Donnie Yen . He was so darn freakkin cool when fighting . For those who watched his movie , you will know how calm his expression even when he facing a big enermy like the twister in this movie . His passion towards chinese martial arts was totally a whoah , salute man ~ Gotta gotta say , OMG I love Donnie Yen ! XD

My rating is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ uhm can I give infinity rate ? X)

4. Iron Man 2

After half an hour McD break , we went for 2nd round of movie screening . Yeah is Iron Man 2 ! Tony Stark was such a ego person in this movie HAHA . But well , suit him best . You know , he got the qualification to be a ego wan . All his gadget was so effing cool OMG . Was so so so high-tech and then my eyes turned O_O . LOL . His biggest enemy Ivan Vanko is such a genious too . But too bad he gotta die cause every movie's ending have to be the hero win LOL Btw , Ivan Vanko looks so scary with his iron teeth =_= that I actually had goosebumps looking at his fugly face .

My rating is ❤❤❤❤ . =)

Was so tired after double movie screening for Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2 . Perhaps the director should work together and make one


That will be easier and cost benefit ? LMAO !!!


  1. the photo u edit really nice !! very funny !! Iam going to watch those movie as well !!

  2. good for u... i won't have that chance until the end of MAY.... =)

  3. haha..i like ur edited photos...we can watch 2 in time n money...wakaa

  4. wa~
    watch movies in study week?
    then study after study week???
    hehe~ ^^

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  6. thats quite a list... i have to admit i shrieked like a little girl while watching Iron Man 2. I am a geek.

  7. Tip man/Ipron Man
    LOL! so funny. xD hahaha
    i havent even watch a single one of them. T.T wuuwuu