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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to make a girl happy ?

Recently , yes I mean this few days
Many friends keep asking me
Uhm , when I said many it means real alot
Does it looks like a trend or season ? LOL

Lemmi tell you this
I actually don't know
wookays wookays , don't throw me shoe XD

Erm , you know
When a guy start to ask this question
There are few possible reasons
1st , that guy is freakkin fall in love
2nd , that guy is planning something for his partner

3rd , that guy commited a crime as in made someone angry

For those who stick under category 1
Uhm ` Guess what ,
You can stop reading now
Cause making a girl happy will not make her like you
For the *like* thinggy to happen
You gonna need some magical portion
And maybe some catalyst to speed it up ? =)

However , making a girl happy is essential to keep your relationship goes wrong
Uhm ` how a relationship last if you girl is not happy with you ?
And I wanna tell you all this ,
If your girl's love towards you is real and deep
She won't be like a b*tch that bug you for a diamond ring or a ferrari
Even a small surprise note , a unexpected breakfast on her table bla bla gonna get her scream and hug you hard =)
If she is acting another way round , dump her for your wallet's shake
And of cause , you have to be happy also when you do all these thing
Don't do it if you feel like you make this just to make her happy and think like yourself being a clown
This gonna bring a ne-ne-negative effect I tell you SERIOUSLY

Ok , the last group
Well , think what you did which actually drive her crazy
Then try to apologize ?
However , if that girl don't even bother to reply your msg or answer your call
AH , let it be
You know what , I am a girl so I know what they think
If they don't even bother to reply or pick up the phone after really lotsa time
MEANS they don't give a damn , and you probably like a crockroach which eeews her life .
Sorry no offence =)

haha , sweet lil thing ❤

I make up my boy once

when we are still happy together XD


  1. Agree with you! As long as you love her deeply is enough d. no need some big big outrageous action

  2. Lets face it...women are not crafted out to be understood. :-P

  3. Agreed with ohmywtf. They said one but don't act like one. An unexpected breakfast is not enough nowadays...sigh...

  4. but but but at least
    i can tell you
    i am not
    don like money talk XD

  5. to me when she ask what is it that you love about her, you answer "everything, because its something I as a man will never have" :D

  6. I know it is important to make a girl happy, it is important to let her feel our love too. ^^

  7. I am agree with you :) In a love relationship, it needs sparks and chemistry... :D

  8. Just give your heart to her by listening to your heart and her heart and you will know what she wants. She will be happy. I have done this all the time and I am able to make my partner happy when she is unhappy, angry, sad due to me or other events. Just my 2 cents.