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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mine version of Passing exams without much effort

As a CAT student , especially Sunway Uni's , we had to sit for the stupid nonsense progress test and progress test and MOCK . Its a good thing actually , we can know where we stand and brush up before we crash straight for our finals . what a positive thinking right ? =)

After the paper T1-T5 , I think I am kind of used to those exams or so-called PT . Used to it in a sense that din't take it seriously ? HAHA I guess .

One tiny disclaimer from me : I had never take exams seriously , and I never finish the syllabus before go for exams , even FINALs . DON'T YOU KNOW WE HAVE TO ENJOY OUR LIFE BEFORE WE DIE ? XD

Hmmmm , I know this is not gonne be a good sign for me , I gonna 'die hard' in ACCA . awww , I will change my attitude *finger crossed* but so far I still can survive in CAT . So far I never fail in my paper T7 T8 T9 , for the pass two PTs . This is not showing off yah people =)

How I pass my paper without much effort ?

Well people , whole day sitting in front of your table and books definitely won't work in me . NEVER . I can't sit still , I can't face a book more than 3 hours except FACEBOOK X)

So how I study ? OK , I only start study few DAYS before the exams =) I am lazy wert . Last minutes study works for me , if I study few WEEKS before exams , I will probably forget all before I manage to touch the exam papers .

AND I do group studies . We study wholly in a bunch and ends up making fun . hahaha , so this not recommended too . But somehow , group studies is better than study alone , for real . You know when you study alone , you actually felt so dry that you fell like dying and ends up on the bed ?

ONE TIPS , never study whole day continuously without doing other things . drag yourself out , and remember drag your friends too . Go out , and do some exercise . well , I go for badminton =) You can actually study from morning until evening 4/5 pm ( IF YOU CAN ) , then go for a jog or games . Its better than you hugging the books as though you are madly fall in love XP

Another thing , never memorize the whole book like you are so hungry and fell like swallowing the book into your stomach . ITS USELESS . ah its ok if you got a brain with a big memory . If not , you just doing stewpig thing forcing your memory card to burst . JUST MEMORIZE THE KEYWORD will do . Or I should say , UNDERSTAND IT . then just vomit out as what your brain analysed in YOUR OWN WORDS . basically I called this as CRAPPING =)

Hmmm , thats what I did . For me , I use COMMON SENSE to sit for my exams . Don't tell me you don't have one =)

so hows about my coming MOCK ?
nahhhh , who cares ~


  1. nice ways of preparing exam~hahaha

  2. <3 last minute studying.. =P
    Thx goodness i didnt choose account course. haha

  3. Basically PT's and mock help us to study consistently and prevent us from studying last minute, every time there is an exam treat it as a real exam.
    but sometimes I really didn't bother to study since it is just a mock or what so ever!

    But I feel much pressure when I am studying ACCA F4-6 paper.

    anyway good luck in your paper & hope to meet you in college if possible.