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Friday, April 9, 2010

No Harm No Worry My Dear

well people , saw my famous post in INNIT ?
its still in TOP1 =)
thats was a PRANK a JOKE

one most interesting outcome is
the reaction of vince
at 1st , his reaction was so freakkin darn pissed off
that he didn't even talk much in INNIT
everybody thought he is angry with me
HAHA but yeah right , thats a prank claim by him

then when ppl started to goes off
he started to worried AWW
typical law student was worried about cyber crime
and also scared sued by police
oh no my dear
don't worry
as what tolanic said , Malaysia police not that efficient nor hardworking to investigate this
even if they did , they will come and question me 1st
and no fear boy , I will make sure nothing happen on you XD

Now our clever VINCE realised
this is just nut-size-small-thinggy that won't cause his blogger life to end
as supia said , don't talk like it was durian-size X)
CUTE SUPIA =) big credit to you my dear

should have thanks to me for free traffic
hmmm , KENNYSIA no.2 ?
hope you guys enjoy the show
and vince no offence yeah =)


  1. Ya la, with my name you manage to get 100 nangs. I also never get that number before>.< LOL, NO offence taken dear:)

  2. Ya la, with my name also can get so many nangs and become popular overnight. LOL. We should do this more often. NO offence taken dear:)

  3. yeah right
    but wihout your name
    or i replace with others ppl name
    i think i can make it too =)

  4. oh... it was a prank only.. haha...

  5. What show off! But first who idea is that! He should think this way first. If i never do it no have dumb pervert