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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fly off with these shyt and peace

Approximately 19 years born on this planet called earth ,
The thing I did the most except breathing ,
I think must be been FFFKed . [fffk = freakkin fong fei kei in canto ]
Why like that ? Yeah god know .
Pilot is a real great occupation .
They fly you to your dream location .
But seriously not those pilot that I mean .
Those pilot that I mean probably will just freakkin drive you mad like nobody else business .
Well , the is a no-problem thinggy if you at least at least let me know you not gonna make it earlier
Uhm , at least one day notification
Yeah , I know what you all think
"Chiu ~ You stayed in hostel , so go or not , doesn't really matter la . "
Fcuk it .

and peace

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