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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I became the victim of child abuse ? !

Case 2105

Piece of evidence LOL

OMG , my poor leg
*ouch ouch ouch*
Don't be fooled by my title
Just a nonsense crap by me as usual
I aint the victim of child abuse

Say thanks to the cycling trip
I fell I laughed and I cried
It started with a sudd break by a girl in front me for nothing
I don't wanna kiss her butt
So I freakkin brake
Then my cute little blue bicycle went bibaboom and out of control
The next thing I knew is I kissed the floor =(

*point* Look at all those scratches T_T
so freakkin pain ='(
I got a longer cut at my thigh *sigh*
That evil cut hurt me the most Q_Q

Oh Lord , pls don't leave a scar on my leg
pls pls pls =(

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