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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attention to CAT student =)

Fellow Friends
Give me few mins time pls ~
Wanted to sell off my BPP CAT level reference books .

As you can see ,
although they are second hand books ,
they are still in brand new condition .

What I have in my collection :
Cat Paper 2 Information for management control
Cat Paper 3 Maintaining financial records ( International Stream )
Cat Paper 4 Accounting for costs
Cat Paper 5 Managing people and systems
Cat Paper 6 Drafting financial statements ( International Stream )
Cat Paper 7 Planning , Control and Performance Management
Cat Paper 9 Preparing Taxation Computation FA2008
Cat Paper 10 Managing Finance

Practice & Revision Kit
Cat Paper 8 Implementing Audit Procedures ( International Stream )

Fyi ,
those passcards are really useful for us to remember important points , formula etc .
It did help me alot during my exams =)
  • They save your time . Important topics are summarised .
  • They incorporate diagrams to kick start your memory .
  • Right Size for pockets, briefcases and bags .
  • Focus on exam that you will be facing .

And good news people ,
I am selling it in a super cheap price that you cant get it in the market .
Ok la , yeah la I admit I wanna get rid of them because I don't need them anymore .
Hmmmm ~ I actually assume I pass all my CAT level ? haha

Ok back to main point .
I am selling all those books in RM40 per passcard
If not mistaken , the ori price I bought was RM50+ like that .
If you buy more than 2 I can reduce the price more too =)
And for the practice and revision kits , the price will be set at RM50
Btw , its still negotiable laa . ^^

So what are you all waiting for ?
Any enquiries pls email me , or post a comment under this blog post
my email is

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