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Friday, August 6, 2010

Why people gets into relationship

I had a question that stick in my mind , so long so long ago . Why do people walk into a relationship ? I am not a weirdo that pysco-ly annoyed by love birds that are so sweet so sweet . No hell no . Never never ever get me wrong . Its just that , everybody should know that nothing last forever right ? The 1st few month , those so call phucking hot period , it was like omg you and me make up the whole world , if one day have 24 hours I wanna be with you 25 hours . After that ? No one can always maintain the sweetness and hotness , ok maybe there is some exemption , but I had never come across . Sad case for me huh ? =)

And then climax . Things start to go wrong , out of pace . Starts to get bored , wanted to control your uhm everything , etc etc , ok so this is the negative side . But I din't mean that there is no bright side kay . Hmm , like , as we walk pass those days together , we get closer , we understand each other better . But nothing stay nice and sweet forever , thats life my dear . oh crapppp i don't know what am I talking about . This whole relationship just . . . so confusing !

We love , We kissed , We quarrel , We screwed , We cried , We hate ?

So I assume this is the whole process that a couple will gone through huh ?
well , if you are someone who is still in the phucking hot stage , you must be cursing me now =X Sorry for that . But there are too much example in real life , maybe I am the only unlucky one who doomed by all these kind of example , who knows ? So chill-lax X) Or perhaps , correcct me if I am wrong .

Whatever la , people , just BE WISE la .

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