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Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Someone =)

Well , you know who you are ^^

There is no such thing as do whatever according to your heart , no matter how much unwillingness to let go , bare in mind thats the essential element that lead you to a better future , nobody's life is easy =)

Hmmm , what is this ? A facebook status dedicated to you . Noob facebook having restriction for wording , screw it , I gonna dedicate this blog post for you =D
How to start ? Guess what , I really glad that you seek for me everytime when you having problem . I may not be the best person to advise you this and that , but hell yeah like serious , nobody's life is easy . There are all sorts of obstacle making it tough , but those obstacle only meant for those who have the ability to overcome it .

According to you , feeling dead inside out facing all those stress right ? Stress from family , Stress from relationship and Stress from exam . I wish I could ask you to chill . Uhm , Stress . Who don't have ? I know your mom giving you pressure all the time , but bare in mind , she did this so that you won't slack , so that you pace up to achieve better goal in life . No mom would like to see her own kid suffer , she did all these so that you can get a better life in future . She know she may not take care of us forever so she did whatever she can to make us tougher . You may say my mom is different from your mom , yeah you're friggin right , she is more strict than yours . But I hope you can understand , do appreciate everything . =) Everyone on earth have different thing to worried about , stress about . I always wanted a family like yours , a complete one . =) Appreciate and treasure it hunney .

About relationship , hmmm ~ I really good for nothing in relationship . So i prefer single , at least nothing much to worry about stress about . I have no right to comment about your relationship cause I know nothing better than you . But well , same shyt , does it worth sacrifice for someone that much ? I may be selfish thus I care myself more . There is so hard to find someone that willing to sacrifice so much for you nor appreciate what you did . I may be pathetic cause this is what stuck on my mind everytime . Well sweetheart , we are still too young , to give up everything just for one guy . We may be not mature enough . There is no fairy tales in this world , none of us are princess nor prince . Apart from reality there is still reality . There is no point giving up your future for someone who you may love RIGHT NOW . Think twice .

Oh yeah exam , screw exam huack exam cause you cant get away from it . FYL cause you gonna haunted by it all the time until you friggin graduate from this shyt . But hell yeah there is no any crap call exemption . To get a better qualification you need this shyt , like serious ! So don't complain , don't complain your effort doesn't bring you the result you want . The only reason is you din't do your best , not enough .

Give yourself a slap a wake up call , its time to shake yourself off from all these nonsense and work hard for final . Best of luck sweetie =)

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