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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life so fragile , isn't it ?

Well people ,
So do handle with care .

A message by my ex primary classmate ,
a notification about our beloved BM teacher's dealth .
It gave me goosebumps , It gave me flashbacks .

In a short period of 3 years ,
how many person had leave me ?
I always did treasure every single moment with people around me
Don't you think its still too early to take back them from me
I hate to say R.I.P. do you understand ?

Grandma , Cancer .
Cousin sis , Accident .
Grandpa , Lung failure .
Math teacher , Cancer .
BM teacher , Cancer .

Its only 3 years time .
How many more to go ?
How many funeral to attend ?
How many times I had to said RIP ?
I can handle death no more ,
Like serious .

How many more tears we need to shed
in order to wash away the sorrowness ?

ILY Pn Chia .

1 comment:

  1. Life is fragile ): Even this year, four of my classmates had their parents passed away. So freaking sad.