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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not-so-good-weather nowadays =S

Sun Sun Bright Sun ~
Rain Rain Heavy Rain ~
Thats our weather recently .
Guess our sky's gender is a female right now LOL
Keep having weather swing =P

Hmmm ~
Many creatures around me have fallen sick .
Yeah hell yeah no exemption for me too .
Yeww FML
Weather not so friendly nowadays
Dear readers do take care !
Drink lotsa water is a must ^^
Must temporary break up with those heaty food
and do cuddle with vegetable and fruits ! X3


Ugh ugh fat chubby face
I think I need plastic surgery
Wishlist LOL ! XD

Oh crap my fringe annoying fringe =w="
wondering should I keep or chop off
Haih ~ GIRL =_+


ZOMG dish yish sho kiutttt =3333
Somebody kind enough to get me one ? =9
Owh harrods harrods teddy bear FTW nah !

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