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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Olivia Ong is Love ❤

Hmmm , Olivia Ong
I bet quite a numbers of you know about this girl .
Came across Olivia Ong's mv in facebook .
Loaded her mv , Heard her song .
Like thousand times ?
Its Love ❤

Even when I am blogging now I am still listening to Olivia Ong's [ You and Me ]
Her voice , so clear so sweet .
I dono whether you guys got the same feeling or not .
By listening to Olivia Ong's song , it bring calm and peace to my soul .
Overrated ? Hell not .

Who is Olivia Ong ?
Fyi she is a chinese singaporean singer .
I realise singaporean do sing well ,
Another favourite of mine is Stefanie Sun .
Well better not to get distracted , back to Olivia Ong . =]

Another awesomeness of her is , she do know how to sing in japanese .
I always madly envy those who knows japanese .
I am so gonna learn japanese ! =)

Oh ya so Olivia Ong is 25 now
There are people said that she looks older than her age . LOL
who actually cares ?
at least I am not .
Doesn't matter right .

Unlike other singers nowadays ,
Realise or not ,
She never bother to put on heavy make ups ,
friggin style-ed hair do like others
This make her so real , isn't it ? ^^

Frankly speaking , I cant really think much and blog much with her song on .
Her voice seems like dragging me into a far-away-wonderland
So yeah

I shall share my love with you all =)

Enjoy ♪( ´▽`)


  1. I think I'm the only one who don't know her :s I don't listen to chinese songs hehe

  2. wooopsss
    forget to tell you
    she mostly sing in english and japanese
    =) must listen hilda ^^

  3. I know her! I love her voice too~~~ I love "sometimes when we touch" and "the rose"

  4. Hey U changed ur header! Nice Nice! ANyway I love Olivia songs too esp "you and me" I even set it as my caller ring tone, haha!