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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just a thought , Well I guess .


Aha , this was kinda random .
Fellow friends I guess you all know I have been keep complaining about the lack-of-time issue recently . Seriously . Don't know , recently there is so much things to think , whats about future is the main thought . Maybe I realize I getting older wtf 20 soon ! Too much things to handle , too much things to be achieved . Day by day I kept motivating myself , aim high and work it out . Fear not . Be scared ? Oh pls it seriously bring you no where . I don't wanna ends up doing nothing as time goes by .

Well , studies getting harder and harder FML . I have been thinking millions time a day : Am I in the correct course ? Imagine an accountant that don't even know debit credit , T account sucks like shyt . Hollyscrewed . Anyhow there is no turning back , I did work hard and reach this point . So yeah I am not gonna give up no matter what . =) Okays accounts I am so gonna Love you ! ❤

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