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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perfectly Infected * DANG ! *





Ok I am seriously bored =3=
Thanks to the flu I can't go out and I have been doing nothing except sleep and went for class .
Oh btw the main focus of this post is Tadaaaaa My awesomely KAWAII mask =D
Bought this in hong kong for like half year ago and now finally I got a chance to wear it .
Should I thanks to the flu ? WTF =_+
Seriously I have been having my blanko moment aka Mann Mann Lam moment
Aha you guys wan definition or not ! =D
this created by me and someone awesome X)
For your information , My name is Mann , so yeah , Mann Mann Lam in canto is Me slow think .
Oh LOL direct translate wtfdoublecheese =S correct one is I think slowly ? LOL
And then , basically this is purely crap * DANG ! *
I just friggin boom a name for the moment when I actually blanko and think nothing , so yeah .
Oh well I think I seriously need some medicine XO

Btw , pls excuse me for my wholly make-up free awesomely cacat face thanks alot !

Cause nobody make up like a bird when they sick geh ma ! =D