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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What so slim... so soft... so comfy...

Hey look , I got something from santa ! =D
See ! My parcel shhhoooooo BIG ! *as if*


So , its laurier ? laurier ? LAURIER ?
Santa send me pad ? !


No , trust me , You have to trust me Its a god dam earphone better than Beats ! Its slim , soft , comfy and soundproof wtf ! Its waterproof as well cause its a Pad ! *crap that I dont und*
btw its really so comfy to put near my ear , maybe it can be my pillow as well wtf . 


Santa cant find nicer wrapping paper ? =( nahhh , its just dont know what postage company's wrapping paper . Bumix , connecting the world , its said .

2011-12-16 22.27.27

Btw my duck love this bag , anyway I like it too ! its so sweet that santa put my present into a cute little bag =D

2011-12-16 22.32.22

Duck and Chicken , Day and Night . So this is the latest product from laurier : Super Slimguard . Sounds cool huh . Super slim !
As you can see from the pic , the pad really gotta be SuperDuper Slim to be fit into such a small package right ~ And note that , for the day use wan , there is already 10 pieces in there .
If not slim enough , you tell me how to fit it ! =D

2011-12-16 22.33.52

Look ! it says : 1mm ultra absorber sheet ! Its just frigging 1mm *take out ruler and measure*
 Wondering how much it can absorb with that limited 1mm ? Fear not , cause the 1mm ultra absorber sheet with super absorbent polymer is able to absorb 200x of its own weight .
Hello ? its 200times ! *amazed*

2011-12-16 22.35.01 

so you think thats's all for this product ?

This super slimguard has a "super" quick dry mesh surface . Ok the "super" added on by me . =P This pad does not only absorb more , it absorbs faster as well . Cool or not ! Fast and more ! It can absorbs 2x faster and locks the fluids from the surface into the centre core leaving you feeling 5x drier . Of cause the surface still remain breathable after all this absorbing thinggy works .

Hey so what you all waiting that , aren't all these features are what we girls want ? Especially young and outgoing girl ? Who said we can't have fun during that period of time anymore ? With this laurier super slimguard , We can hoop here and there like a bunny =D

Oh this is the letter from my santa  =D
Santa said : Be active , comfortable and confident .
Of cause you must have LAURIER SUPER SLIMGUARD ! =D
PS : Santa is so sweet cause santa written my name on this little note and there is a smiley too ! =)

2011-12-16 22.35.53

OK so I have finish crapping .
Ahem , Girls go get your laurier super slimguard fast .
And guys go buy for your partner if you wan them be happier and don't feel grumpy all the time =P Bye ~  ❤

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