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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aint a valentine post

080212 @ The Ship 

Don't you think the escargot is abit dull without any other colour , plain yellowish .
Fat Boy to the rescue !
Much more better after "borrow" the parsley from the salad below haha X)
Parsley went back where it belong =) anyway this is nice but i don't like corn , too lazy to bite =P
My Cheese baked fish , nice but the cheese make you full ,
cant finish it as well . =( money wasted
Took by my s2 with night mode , not bad but kinda blur ? =/
Fat Boy's Barney . not the purple dinosaur =P Really fat boy , got chicken , lamb , beef , and turkey ham . LOLOLOL Fat fat fat =P
My fav toy <3 Can't go out without it especially on special occasion and outings =) Xoxo
Fat boy and me ! and my stitch film !
Cute or not !!! =)
Using front camera to camwhore , the ship too dark sorry for the bad quality . =)
End this post with fat boy and my uneven teeth hahaha X)

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