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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Non Halal Post

18/2/2012 @ Taman Desa Japanese BBQ .
The food here is awesomely awesome I tell you .
Totally deserve to be up in your before-die-I-must list =D
*EffingSeriousFace* I am not joking yo .
One of the boss here is a Japanese , so its kinda original . If you know what I mean . LOL
Okay la maybe the pork is not originated from Japan but who cares as long as it taste good ?


The bbq thinggy I have no idea what this call . Stove ? ahhh whatever -.-

The mighty pork ! It make you fat but you just cant resist .

Tried to stay healthy drink hot ocha but I really cant make it . Hot drink with bbq ? No . 
Once in a while once in a while once in a while is super ok . =D

Meet my private chef mwahaha ,  *now is SuperProudFace*
Oh ya for girls who going for this bbq thinggy . 
What is a must ? Not make up Not tie hair Not bla bla
It is to bring a bf , or male friend along !!! 
So that you can wait there like a princess and EAT ALL THE FOOD AND get fat ~ !

Advantages of doing what I mention above , now you can camwhore while they do the bbq job =P 
You can ignore my silly face and camwhore better XD

No idea what is this , I post it up mainly because I feel like a photographer taking artistic photo . 
Plain piece of bullshit =3

Nah ! the mighty pork ! Force to open flash cause its too dark here . And this is the result of my S2 HID flash =3= *colour may varies due to camera quality so please don't blame me* =)

This is the thing you definitely cant miss out in the Japanese BBQ there ! 
Rm10 per bowl .

Fall in love with the first mouth already ! 
I can't describe how nice how tasty it is . YOU JUST NEED TO GO TRY YOURSELF !
Pamper your taste-bud pleaseeeeee =3
Our choice : Pork base soup . 
They do have chicken base soup but thats for those who go for a not so salty soup . 
I love pork more cause my taste-bud love salty things ! 
Aints a fan for sweet thing but I swear I am a super fans of salty stuff  =)

Proudly present the onsen tamago ! [ aka hot spring egg ]
My favourite and the egg white is so soft and the egg yolk is so creamy !!! =3 *drooling* 

 The ramen ! Its hand made I tell you ! Not those normal ready made in china one . Handmade handmade !

Pork feast , not much actually cause we got 2 person here only . 
Rm10 per plate .

Focus on ramen .*slurpssss*


Now you focus on the pork neck =P *yummeh*

Just randomly attached a photo of me before heading out =P

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