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Friday, July 27, 2012

Neverland Japanese Theme Series 21.07.12

Perhaps I better stop slacking and be more efficient in blogging :D 

     Had a well-spent Saturday last week , glad to say so . :) Went for a date with le bfie celebrating our 2nd monthsary , took lotsa photos and I love'em all . Especially those polaroid . But somehow I still fail in self shot using my polaroid T_T Its super duper hard kay (ps: I even accidentally block the flashlight and burnt one film Y_Y ) , perhaps its time for me to get a front self shot mirror ;) 

     After our lunch we went for a movie - Ice Age 4 . Seriously must go and watch ah you peopleeee ! Funny and cute ! Forever because of one nut causing lotsa troubles hahaha . Anyway I shall not be a badass and give too much spoiler :P

     At first our night plan is go MJ yamcha with the gang but then while we watching movie halfway Genee ask us to go Neverland instead as there is an event happening there . 9pm-11pm can have free flowwwwww ^-^V

     Since its a Japanese Theme Night , there are tonnes of hot chick in kimono . okay modified kimono :/

Sexy much ? hahaha btw none of them are local .:/

Those asahi girls LOL free flow beer wtf beer . 
My tolerance to beer is really so mehhhh . 

     Btw that night is a fun night . There are games keeping us entertained . :) Like it ! Now , ready for some quality-fail-big-time-photos from le iphone :|

Our Eyes look like ghost I KNOW LOL !

The Beer Pong Game was fun ! I like it although I am not very good at it .
Well its just the first time I played ,
but still we did won ourselves some free cocktails :)

Then le bfie decided to play the idk what to call game
so I named it "Sumo Game" :D
Trying very hard to squeeze in the costume haha !

and . . .

Tadaaaaa !
Round like a ball hahaha wtf damn cute
But well , he lose =P So thin how to fight ! X)

     The next thing : Beer Drinking Competition LOL The fastest one who manage to finish that one pint of beer with a straw will be the winner . And guess what , I won LOL Probably the judge was kinda biased over me cause le bfie finished it up first and when the judge announce : " the girl won ! " I actually still got one sip left LOL hahaha *successkid.jpg*

     Okay beside this beside drinking , nothing much left so we just start taking photossss :D 

Our cocktails ! Forget what it's name tho =.=
*Ignore my expression TQVM*

Enough spam of photosss :P 
 Oh wait , one last photo to end this post :D

Had a great night with the scumbag gang :)

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  1. wow it looks happening!! nice layout! :-)