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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ops I am Late

S0rry humans
yesterday was too tired after the exams and 0uting
straight went t0 kiss ma l0vely bed 0nce reach h0me

ab0ut exam ?
nahhh ~ its en0ugh p0st 0n exam .
i bet y0u guys b0red with it ,
s0 ~ SKIPPED .

0uting ?
yesssss ~ ` went t0 timesquare neway after exam
s0me ppl are late *grrrr*
s0 me and kelvin just simply walk ar0und timesquare
seri0usly i am s0 pissed 0ff with ma friend them =_=
cant decide 0n what they wanna d0
always change plan and their 2nd name is LAST MINUTE i guessed >.< plan ="_+" style="font-size:180%;">best n0 matter what ❤❤❤

btw , neway actually sarks
i really d0 think s0
their service was like
*whoah , w0nderful ` brav0 ~ !*
d*mn , they keep haunted us with the same immaterial questi0n
"d0 y0u all wanna change the 5 plate 0f peanut int0 drinks ?"
"d0 y0u all wanna change the 5 plate 0f peanut int0 drinks ?"
"d0 y0u all wanna change the 5 plate 0f peanut int0 drinks ?"

O-M-G . keep haunting =_=
we t0ld them milli0ns 0f time ,
yish =_+
0k well , CHILLED

but then but then , we really have a great time when singing
i just l0ve t0 be with that bunch 0f m0nkey LOL
brian sang the beegees : staying alive
with his high pitched and low pitched voice
ZOMG , its s0 s0 s0 freakkin funny
sh0uld have rec0rded it
hmmm , maybe next time
then g0nna share with y0u guys xP
[ Bad Romance by Lady Gaga ]
LOLS , we l0ve this s0ng s0 much
sang 3 times XD
0h l0rd , i l0ve the
gah gah wu la la
rum ma rum ma ma part
HAHA ~ !
[ 3 by Britney Spears ]
used the funny alien t0ne t0 sang this
1 2 3 n0t 0nly y0u and me
britney is s0 sexy *nose bleed* =P
and much much much m0re
i sing sang sung until ma v0ice
wew , g0ne LOL
went back at 1am
is tiring but we l0ve it ~ ! ^_^
( wil upl0ad all the pics when i back frm penang , perhaps)

well , just receive messages fr0m ma auntie mins ag0
while i bl0gging

[ Uncle s0 very busy s0 we w0nt be dr0pping by... ]
yeah auntie , i kn0w that is n0t that busy pr0blem ,
he d0nt wanna see ma face , i kn0w i kn0w

[ Your mom house given all to you...
she's the 0nly 0ne in the family kn0ws h0w t0 give the best t0 0wn kids
and can l0ve with unc0nditi0nal l0ve...
0ne 0f the greatest m0m i ever c0me acr0ss ]


*tears* uh huh , auntie's msg can always made me flash back
all the things that have happened in the past...
the boyfriend...the lie...the tears...the sorrowness...
and i cant never escape
i shall be guilty FOREVER

m00dy is n0t ma style =(
PS: n0t ar0und fr0m 10th t0 21th

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