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Monday, March 8, 2010

Back With Good News *wink*

Aha ~ ! Saw that most beautiful and adorable picture ever ? *Blah , i know it is blur* >//<

This is the first news i wanna show with you guys once i get back ma laptop ~ ! OMG ppl i am so excited man ! although i got it long time ago ad , but sad , i cant share ma happiness with you guys immediately . Reason : (i) i went to Penang for a 10days trip without laptop (ii) my com was dead like a car with engine but cannot start >.<

And ~~~~ Finally my com was back ~ ! thanks to ma frd SEAN who kindly help me reformat and even help me to update my windows to WINDOW 7 . well ppl , due to i am still new to the windows , so will tell you the PROs and CONs of it soon =] but one thing , windows 7 was kind of nice , hmmm , but never judge a book with its cover after all XP

Oh yeahhhhh , back to the topic . *denng denng denng denng* PPL I PASS ALL 4 PAPERS FOR MY CAT LEVEL WEI ~ ! what you guys said was right , you wil get what you wan if you really put effort into it ~ ! i made it , i am not a failure ` ! *jumping up and down happily* XD

NO LIES , i really worked freakkin hard for this 4 paper except T5 . OPS . to me , accounting is really a new thing . i don't really have the 'account sense' XP i stil remember i was so not into account , that h*ll , i don even know how to do double entries , the Debit Credit thingggy was driving me crazy . B.U.T. after i study study study , memorize memorize memorize . sleep with txtbooks , eat with txtbooks , bath with txtbooks , dream txtbooks . YEAH BABE , I DID IT ~

Actually i din't expect i will get a good pass in this exam , i thought i wil just barely get a pass . HAHA . and the most SHOCKING news was , my T5 paper i scored 70 ~ ! ZOMG , i have never get a pass in my school progress test wei . i hate it so much as though it screw up my life . This paper was totally a disaster to us student . >w<>.< [ PS: T5 paper is actually a management theory paper , you have to assume you are a MANAGER and about how you manage your ppl and many nonsense theory created by nonsense ppl =_+ ]

LAST , congrates to those who pass their exams either CAT or ACCA , you guys rock man ~ !

for those who stil struggling to pass , never give up yeah ~ ! GAMBATTE NEHHH =]

and . . .

once more time . . .

I PASSED ~~~~~~ !

*mummy should be proud of me* X)


  1. great CAT result :) keep it up!

  2. THANKS ppl ~
    i will try my very very best ~~~~

  3. Haha, 1stly Gratz on ur CAT!!! and secondly I ain't sure you know this already anot but window 7's login screen can be changed =P, below is the link, enjoy window7!!!! xD from a big fan of window 7

  4. THANKS alvin ~ ! so sweet of you =]

    hahaha , kind of in love with windows 7 =]

    looks so cool *wink* thanks for the info btw ~

  5. gratz! Keep up the good work =)

  6. aligato ~
    you guys been really sweet

  7. Hahah I dont get the first picture, you don't smoke in order to get this result ? =X
    I'm jk. Congratulation!

  8. hahaha ~
    no link la actually
    just edit for fun LOL
    thanks jk =]
    wil visit your blog