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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baskin Robbins Lover Watch Out ~ ! =)

Dear all baskin robbin fansssss ~

Good news for you guys =]

wanna enjoy Double Jr scoops with only Single Reg. scoop's price ?

bring along anything that is PINK and show it to the staff

and yeah babe , you can have it ` ! =P

anything which is PINK colour

that is so easy right . . .

finger nails painted in pink , pink pens , pink handphones ,

pink shirt , pink tie bla bla bla

pay only RM 7.50+ to get 2 of your most favorite flavors ,

so cool right ~ =)

and and and you even can upgrade your sugar cone

to a yummy Waffle Cone with only RM 1.50+ !

OMG , i love waffle cone ~ ! X)

Go grab your BR fast

the discount duration is only from

3 Mar 2010 - 30 Apr 2010

[ fooling with calvin's cap , fugly =_= ]

well , guess why i am in pink ?
yeah right , i am a BR fans too XP
went pyramid for the ice cream after 9 hours class with classmates
hmmm , we deserve it right
thanks for shaun who pay for mine ice cream
awww , how sweet XP
and and and i think the BR staff gonna hate me
cause i am the one who supply my gang of 7 ppl those pink pink things
LOL , my pink bottle , pink handphone , pink make up bag ,
pink cards [ sasa , etude ] and a pink contact lens case

awww , DON HATE ME X)


  1. Wow, you got so many things in pink.. You should tell me yesterday so that I can go today. But okay, save up and go next week.. yummy yummy..

  2. wah pink day.. need to buy a pink stuff to wear edy =P

  3. sorry supia >.<
    i am not sure about that so think of go try by my own first
    so that won pass wrong information HAHA

    hmmm kenwooi
    i can rent you some of my pinky thing hahaha
    go buy la
    o borrow =)

  4. eh anything? can i show them a pink pen? wah so excited with this promo :)

    Tips Buat Freshie Nuffnanger! Jom Muhasabah Survey Nuffnang Korang!

  5. Really ah???? GOSH!! I wana go!! ^^

  6. F I T , yeahhh anything PINK wil do
    hahaha , excited right ?
    gotta go again xP

    Lemon , no jokes
    serios =]

    dhiyafaris , i din purposely buy all pink stuff actually haha

  7. wahaha
    serious ?
    then faster go get you BR then =]