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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flow with NN - Movie Screening [ Date Night ]

Hmm , girls love to dream . dream about their dream man , dream house , dream car , dream . . . bla bla bla , they dreamt about everything .

No jokes , everything single thing they can link until thousand miles away .

when i log in into Nuffnang homepage , i saw the pic above
with a title Nuffnang Special Screening - Date Night

All you have to do was just simply crap about what your dream date would be , send the link to Nuffnang .

the 1st 90 lucky one shall get the invitation to the movie screening .

well , what i need to do was just dream and type ,

thats all , so why not ? =)

Ok , people , follow my dream . ^_^
Hmm , what my dream date should be ?

lets think about the most popular 5 W question .

Who you will date ?

Nehh , silly question , of course your beloved one or crush , will you date your grandpa ? No right XD

What you prefer to do during the date ?

Hmmm , main point here . what to do ? i freakkin hate those boring same old tunes , movie after dinner ? nahhh no thanks >.<
well , personally i love to go place which is nice and peaceful , might consider of go to the beach .
sit side by side and chit-chat while looking at the sky full of star ? for me , its romantic enough , better than candle light dinner so formal LOL

where to go ?

like i said just now , BEACH xD

when ?

ok another noob question . a windy when night , without much cloud , so that i can see the star ? HAHA

why ?

hmmm , thats what i think right now , dun laugh at me XD


  1. granpa would be hurt if u don date him big eyes :p

  2. bahaha
    i would date him durin family dinner XD

  3. if u got the tix invite me ah..LOL

  4. hahaha XD
    if la ya
    i am freakkin late for that ad la LOL

  5. Do you dream too much lately? Peanut head! Chances of you getting the ticket is very slim! Hope I can get =]

  6. hahaha you groundnut
    of coz la
    i so late only post XD