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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How do we live without trust

How do we define trust ? Trust refers to reliance on another person , having faith in others and believing them ? Well , one friend of mine told me TRUST is The Risk U Should Take . yeah right , there are certain risk in it when you actually trust someone .

My status on facebook this morning said that : Don't expect the other treat you like what you did . not everyone same like you . don't ever be fooled again . Yes , no offence , i post it to remind myself . I found myself trust people easily , anyone with a tag of FRIEND , i trusted them , not partially but completely . my bad

Trust , a reliance on someone without any doubt . This actually will brought you disaster . =X Well , what if one day you found out the best friend of yours that once in a blue moon you think that you will remain as best friend forever actually betrayed you ? nahhhh thats a freakkin earthquake in you heart . Or worst , your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife betrayed you ? yeww thats tsunami in your brain

But but but but but , we cant live without trust right ? OMWTF =_= okayy , yeah right i am confusing myself . Let's say it the other way round , we cant FULLY trust or OVER trust someone , leave some space for your own sake but still trust is essential in every single relationship . Family , friends , couples . All of these kind of relationship needed trust bla bla bla .

[ nahhh shut the crap rui ~ ! ]

Okay okay main point . Actually i just wanted to tell someone out there , plez TRUST your bf . He joined my fanspage means he doesn't love you ? WTFFTW . Plez don't freakkin bring up the matter and argue . Its so immature =_= and WTH with the breakkin up ? OMWTF

PS to Him : Do call her until she pick up =)

[ evidence that IMABORED ]

for your information , i am fooled again .

to whom it may concern , farkyouthepilot

stop ffk me


  1. i also always kana ffk one... darn annoying! :(

    The CleverMunkey

  2. yeah trust is really important in life.. =)

  3. yup~!
    no doubt..
    trust is important n yet ur frens din say wrong oso..
    cz i jz kena recently..
    1 of my besties tackle the gurl tat i ade announce tat i m tackling behind my back n yet din tell me anything after they r in a relationship..
    damn pissed off tat time..

  4. trust is important in any relationship....

  5. Some told me, there are different levels of trust like there are different levels of love. :D

    Of course its in our instinct to have some basic trust in someone you'v just become friends with unless they do something stupid.

  6. lol. the poor girl prolly feels threatened by you XD

  7. Yes , i hate ffk by ppl ALOT ! but i just cant stop believing and fooled again and again =_=

    trust is important , but like i said , never overdone it , you might just killing yourself by doing so . trust somebody that worth . =)

    nehhhh , the girl was so OMG stupid =_=
    i only could said she have no confident