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Monday, March 29, 2010

Grab Your Free $10.00 fast ~

OMG open your eyes widely and see , FREE $10.00 . Yes , its totally free and it is $ , Dollar , US DOLLAR people ~ ! All you have to do is just simply sign up for an account and TA-DA ~ You get $10.00 safely in your cute little pocket .

Aren't that attractive , aren't that easy ? OMG what are you all waiting for ? Sign up for an account won't use up much time . Its just fingertips job man . =)
I actually did sign up one ad . And yeah baby , i got my $10.00 . NGEK NGEK . No lies my dear =) Prove ? Here you are . . .

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Hmmm , wondering how it works ?

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PS : further information pls refer to

So , what are you waiting for ? =)


  1. OOH.. So you're that mannrui.
    I was like 'who ah??' Should put something like big eyes ma. LOL.

    Btw, your name's Eunice huh. Hoho. XP

  2. Can't be true! Can make USD 10 scared later cashout wait until 1 year the $$ also cannot arrive

  3. wooots
    yeahhhh la
    but stil no harm trying wert