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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Like a FOOL

Since I born to Earth for these 18-19 years , I was always trying to be nice to my friends . To me , priority always goes to those creature called FRIENDs . OK , I know it is so dumb so stupid so idiotic . But i just cant freakkin change it . NO matter how many times I had been fooled . NO matter how many times i remind myself not to expect the others give you the same treatment .

Actually have a talk with Jimmy the groundnut blogger . He told me his experience as well . Some friends come and find you when they want something from you , he said . That was so true . This kind of friend even worst than hi-bye friend . At least hi-bye friend won't cause you a pain . All you need to do was just HI and BYE . Thats all . Those jerkass come to you with a problem , and run for their life when you having one .

" I treat you like Heng Dai , you treat me like Hot Dog ? ! "

Laugh at it ? You better don't . Do you know how sad when you actually treat someone as your bestie , ji mui or heng dai , and they treat you like a hot dog ? well , means something thats is not so important , as hot dog can be replace by fishball as well . LOL WTF .

You know , they might actually come find you when they having trouble and starting to EMO . As a dumbass , once they approach to me when they upset , i will actually put aside all my thing that i am doing at that moment , and start tik tik tak tak on my phone keypad , writting a LONG essay to cheer him / her up . Or worst , bili bala at the phone comforting him / her . All these stupid act was so time and energy consuming . But i won't regret until . . .

They actually go off without saying a thanks or bye !

Diu ~ ! I hate this to the max ok ? At least tell me you are fine and bye . Or one bye is also enough . But please , why treat me like a dustbin , throw all the rusbin and then just very yao yeng like that walk away ? I do have feeling too . But i should tag myself as the BIGGEST DUMBASS ever because . . .

I actually will repeat all the tik tik tak tak bili bala step above when the same guy comes to me with his question .

Damn , I was so STUPID . @#^#&*%


  1. err..i didn't say bye to you last night leh..e~o~ XD

  2. OMG, we are the same species. Cham dou.
    TOtally understand how its feel. When my friend come to find me for problem, I put down whatever things I am doing for her. When the problem she just over. Feel so unappreciated right??
    Really make you want to 'diu' one.

    Then now I tag myself as the SECOND BIGGEST DUMBASS.

  3. Yup, friends will turn out to be the biggest a-hole around at times. But thank goodness we are given the gift to select our friends=)

  4. there are many types of friends.. if there are good ones, surely there are bad ones as well =)

  5. So charm First of April have been call as Groundnut blogger -_-"

  6. supia - glad that you understand LOL but we still willing to be dumbass OMG =_=

    vince and kenwooi - yeah there are good and bad , but nobody is perfect after all

    jimmy - XD XD XD groundnut is cute XD

  7. adui..
    no nid say urself like tat..
    u r nt dumb..
    is those ppl..
    tis is the way hw u treat a fren..
    n they dunno to appreciate it..
    so let it be lu..
    its their losses wat..

  8. hmmm
    fooled again and again not dumb ?

  9. Maybe you are kind person want to help others! =]

    If me i give them this >>> ..1.. <<<<

  10. HAHAHA ~
    too kind = dumb !

    btw i tot is this wan ? t(-_-t)

  11. Yup Yup! That one

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    Yesterday! One lame person group with me he only do SWOT Analysis than i call him do PEST analysis he no happy angry make noise! Damn idiot

    Just a simple analysis also say hard if even bigger stuff sure died! Next time he say want to group with me i give him the finger on top!

  12. LOL
    so big
    samo post at my blog ! OMG you =_+
    hahahaha XD

    PEST is easy wtf
    ask him go die la =_+
    nuthead , PEST is basic =_=

  13. Sorry My Bad!

    Ya loh! Tell him already it is easy stuff! He say why give me hard stuff some more he say it is group work! WTF i divide the job give him already doing group work mah!

    Everytime do work want shortcut. One day he will experience what is hardwork! Think he can act smart in front of me.

    Even that girl do the main job even call her do PEST analysis she never complain also!
    What make me happy is that i F him in front of his face and he is piss off like i care

  14. juz ignore the bad ones..they dun deserve ur nice treating...