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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aww Facebook Killed A Girl

Famous application named FACEBOOK killed a girl

Subang , 6th April : Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook , Inc . Since September 2006 , anyone over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address can become a Facebook user . It was growing so fast that now seems like it is a must for everyone to have a facebook account . Without it , you was like a no-life-outdated-freakkin-nerd that still trying to make friends and keep it touch through mannual letter . Because of facebook's direct impact , a girl , MannRui aged 19 years old , who is currently studying in Sunway University College was killed without mercy .

BAHAHA , pure crap ~ ! I still alive XD
But seriously la , I am so so so so freakkin addicted to facebook wei
I found no cure LMAO
Those who have my facebook would actually know that how facebook freak am I , Haha

Whattado ?
I am just a poor little girl without much money
cant enjoy life and cant concentrate on mannual books XD

Lecturer : Can you all plez study ? Don't you know final is just around the corner ?
Student : Awww , no sir , we have our facebook to maintain sir , one day din sign in , my fellow friends from all around the world will miss me XD

Even this couldn't help X) SIGH


  1. LOL. I wish there is a "like" button here.

  2. haha..i start to lose interest in facebook d XD

  3. The only book we "read" is FaceBook. So you only can Face that particular Book, no offence XD

  4. HAHAHA you phail as a journalist!

  5. lol.. facebook addict edy? =P

  6. I like the student ending reply :P

  7. same here! lolx, ur ending pic

  8. i like the last sentence! all around the world will miss me! thumbs up!