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Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Mr Chicken . . .


There is only one thing I wanna say here

Whoever it is , for what god sake reason for disturbing

I don't wanna freakkin care anymore

Ain't not gonna shuu you like I effing care

If this can entertain you

Carry on =)

Now I understand the reason why some blogger especially those famous wan actually removed their cbox

But I not gonna do that

At least not now ?

I live my own life

And I love it so ❤


  1. yea~~ ignore them~~
    that them had fun among themselves..
    cheers ^^

  2. Why did you think I didn't have a chatbox for my blog before this? Haha. It's no point to have it unless wanna participate in the whole I visit you, you visit me thingy.

  3. that's part and parcel or fame :)

  4. you know you can ban them IP adress if they disturb you...

  5. Hmmm! Me don't have much problem only once! All my visitor is GOOD!

  6. i didnt remove mine, only moved it to another page.. =)

  7. mine is there, cos, the blog is actually for personal use. lol