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Sunday, April 11, 2010

There are somebody out there nothing better to do ?

Yeah yeah yeah

I finaly realise there are some species out there just have nothing better to do

Maybe they found out that they are effing free after their meals

They just come and go , leaving something that might bring you trouble

Those people , aha should I named them as chicken ?

Cause they don't even have the freakkin guts to leave their name

They just using their nutsize brain trying to use other ppl name and even MINE

Well , you think you are smart enough ?

Or you think I am so stupid having same size brain like yours ?

well baby , I have no fame

So assume that all these CUTE act was not because of jealousy , right ?

OK readers , now , spot the chicken =)

My blog

Jimmy said he never put his name as jimmy teh

then mr. chicken changed it

Nuffnang Visitor

Jimmy's Blog

same case , I never put my name as Mann Rui

Then he changed again

PS : nah , the two pretty not I censored wan
Nuffnang Visitor

hmmm , saw the similar one in our nuffnang visitor ? =)


  1. lawl... duno y he wanna to this...
    too boring huh??' rui, dun say nutsize brain..
    straight to the brainless" word xD

  2. Hahahhahahhaa................I only can LMAO

  3. Some ppl have nothing to do wanting for more drama.

    Finish eating got nothing else to do rather than waiting for shit to come.

    OMG, why am I so rude? Okay, just let me be rude this one time. I hate ppl that behave like this.

  4. ahahahahahaha~ busted!!! xD
    sien leh~ got dothing to do messing with ppl SM~ =.="

  5. hmm...very complicated

  6. oh nooo i see my face there. my yin yang moon face lol

  7. they got nth betta to do...ignore them...banned them betta

  8. so confusing and complicated @_@
    playing detective

  9. wa.. I never noe such thing can happen.. oh my.. thx for sharing this info..

  10. O.o OMG, ban his IP address.

  11. wahh!! i see me in the censored pic. haha!

  12. i just love internet stalkers hahahah

  13. Hahaha Not smart enough to cover his own tracks yet wanna do such immature stupid stuff :) :)

  14. i don't understand... jimmy, then jimmy teh, then jimmy90, then mann rui, then rui, then deathclaw.. haha..

  15. Excuse me? Just because I visited both of your blogs from the shameless publicity stunt you pulled on the other guy I'm suddenly the culprit?

    The nerve of some people.

  16. wah lau weii..damn sohai this ppl..

  17. Yo, suddenly saw my name one=.= This deathclaw punk nothing better to do ah??

  18. Hmm, the death claw fella also came my blog according to NN. Maybe he was the one who cursed and swear under the nickname "Pervert" in my cbox la=.= LIFELESS