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Monday, April 26, 2010

Facebook became Lamebook ? LMAO !

this wan you definitely have to click for a larger view
to see how pity this guy XD
Geez ~
what a big mistake dude ! XD
good luck huh ?
so freakkin darn materialistic HAHA
yew ~ tampoons , the last comment was like WTFF !?
big hu-ha XD she shouldn't post this status LOL

LOL few months ago X)

who ask you to add your mom in facebook ? HAHAHA

Obviously thats gonna be 43 wolfman =P

hahaha poor thing !
. . .
LOL ~ hannah like sch ALOT
wooops , screw 99 XD
what a contrast =D

saw these this morning
so so so eager and excited wanna show you guys
facebook is such a good way to tickle your stomach
funny people all around the world OMG
seriously LOL


  1. 5th: I bet Chloe and Loren are blondes.LOL

  2. lol, you got so many funny friends

  3. ajjah loves this post. funny what you can find at fb's status..