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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whoah those cameraman , effing thumb up XD


you guys gotta try this ! XD

His dream - hamburger ?! XD

wooops XD

She is better than KICK ASS's hit girl ? X)

Don't you dare to lie to me AGAIN ! ROFL

uhm ~ horselady =P

Personally love this lots , CUTE =)

You are under arrest ` ! LOL

erm , could you PLEASE ? *blinkblink*
all the nutrients went to his body ?

How long she need to finish this ? @_@

this is not a suicide scene XP

ACHA ~ ! real kick ass XD

Conclusion is :
Right Place + Right Time + Right Angle = Double Sense
I admire those cameraman LOTS
guess their brain wholly consists of creative juice =]