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Friday, April 23, 2010

Human Or Beast !?

Just finish having a daily convo with my mummy

Yeah , she called approximately every night to chat with me =)

Such a caring mummy isn't it ? ❤

We was chatting as usual and then she told me about one news on the headline of the newspaper today

As she said , there is a girl in Kuala Lumpur was forced to have sex

Nahh , SHYTTYness , forced to have sex sounds so polite

She was RAPED by her own freakkin classmate OMGOSH

And yes people , she is from KUALA LUMPUR .

another SHYTTYness .

She was just a secondary school girl , poor thing

According to the news , she had a 4cm-long pencil inserted into her was raped several times in several places in school — in the canteen, field and classrooms — over the last three weeks .

At least five of her classmates forced themselves on her either in groups or one after the other .

WTF pencil !? and WTF 5 CLASSMATE !? what is this man !?

Classmate , this term hurt my eye !

Can they still claim themselves as human ? NO WAY MAN !

WTH classmate , can you freakkin RAPE your classmate in public place like canteen , field and classroom !?

And guess what , the poor girl only willing to lodge a police report on MONDAY after she was raped by in her own freakkin school last TUESDAY .

Then the doctors at Selayang Hospital where she is being warded found her to be a month pregnant, and removed a pencil from her private part.

WHAT THE FISH ?! a month pregnant , and what !? pencil from her private part !?

Now I really feel like freakkin stuff this in their A*s

saw what is on the pencil ?!


Such a pain in heart

for her

for our world


  1. is that the crime-scene pencil? not right? =)

  2. what a nice mum u have~~ jealous >.<
    hi aunty, how r u xD

    and the news is shocking when i read it on Thursday newspaper in the morning O.O"

  3. LOL , of cause not ~
    if really , then this is the biggest joke >.<

  4. This is sad and sick at the same time! Disgusted by their "act". Uwekkk...

    Friendly society? LOL

  5. Sad to hear about that and this happened to my ex secondary school. Nowadays students are too "friendly".

  6. Those bunch or retards should be castrated and sent to a pool of boiling oil. They don't deserve a life.

  7. yeah right people
    why people like this alive
    classmate .
    means they are just 14 years old too !
    dam >,<

  8. scary to think of what people can think of nowadays...specially in KL..

  9. friendly society? I would rather say "sick society".

    oh ya, go visit social change for humanity. Social problems happen because of scarcity.

  10. i read this in the newspaper as well! gone so emo after i read this! the girl is an orphan. obviously her classmates bully her!! emo emo

  11. such a poor girl right ?
    omg i feel like tearing all those KIDS into pieces >.<

    friendly society
    what a contra

  12. Ohmygosh so sad! These news are stupid. I can't believe that they are people in the world like this.

  13. I read a news last time got a girl got raped and those rapist shove brinjal into her private part.

    By the way, i feel very sorry for this girl. She should've make a police report earlier..

  14. i read that too
    and stuff her body inside a luggage bag ?
    is it the same case ?

    maybe that girl was so helpless and lost her direction
    dono what to do
    she is an orphan
    no one is there to guide her ?
    that is so sad =(

  15. People like this deserves to get shot dead for ruining a girl's life....

  16. wtf?! they should die sial!!

  17. Super gross! What's happening to the world, now seriously! Haih.

  18. Saw the news too. Sad for her =(

  19. msian youth are getting worst nowadays.Wonder what the authorities would do to solve this.