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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am alive XD

Whoah ~
Watch here watch here XD
Yessie Yessie I am not dead yet
Same to my blog
Just that really busy for college
All those edc efc revision class which need us to stare at the same lecturer from 8-4pm
What a disaster =X
And of cause , all those outingssss with great CATs =)
After almost one whole sem of combined class with other group CATs
Finally we move one step closer and well
Thats really cool I tell you
The greatest thing in world I cant deny , is MAKING FRIENDS
Especially GREAT one ~ ! Right right right ? XD

Uhm ~ Will be really BUSY this month
Less than one month to go
Thats the time we gotta go to battleground
And well bang down all our enemies
We can do it and we gotta do it ~ !

*Filling bullets and get ready*
I am gonna come back with pride ~ =)


One piece of jokes to share
From my T8 Audit lecturer Mr Jay the funnie XD

Question : What is the risk if the inventory count is recorded using pencil ?
And Mr Jay actually type this in his laptop ~ ! LMAO
What the nonsense , he was trying to see got how many nuthead actually copy blindly BAHAHA ~
*Piece of wonder*
The inventory count will really be exciting and fun if the count is held in a STABILO company XD
All sorts of pencil , even sharpeners are provided
I guess the auditor gonna walk out with many pencils sticking on body LOL

Btw , just for your info ,
the correct answer was : to avoid the figure recorded been amended easily by others ^^

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