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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I had a Greatest Mom in the Milky Way ❤

I got a greatest mom in the Milky Way , what say you ? XD
Yeah Yeah I know what you gonna say
Your mom better than me ?
Okay okay XD
Every mom is the best =)
Objection ? I kick you ~ ! X)

Ok no more monkey*ing around
Am serious now
This post gotta dedicated to my beloved mummy
Although she can't see it XD

Uhm , eherm eherm ,
Kinda shy now , like going to propose LOL

Well , mom
I know there are
Millions of time I broke your heart
Millions of time I brought you trouble
Millions of time I made you shed a tear
There are many things that I did wrong
There are many things that cant be changed by I am Sorry

But mummy
Don't worry I will never leave you alone
Don't ever disappoint by someone called husband or dad
You and Me , made a family
And that is enough =)


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