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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bitch In Nature

Guess where am I people =)
Oh yes babe , my hometown , HONG KONG ~
HK damn rocks weihhhh XD

Hmmm ~
Should have update my blog straight after my friggin finals
But my wonderful mood was spoilt by someone , by something .
Truths are always ulgy , f*cking ugly .

All those rubbish started by one msg I send to her .
I knew everthing , but I just wanted to get the truth from her , from her friggin mouth .
We switch from sms to msn .
Keep chatting until 3 something in the morning .
I don't wanna admit , but yes I did say alotsa alotsa harsh words .
To a person that I didn't even thought of .
You guys won't know how much I treasure our friendship .
I f*cking scold you because I f*cking care .

I don't understand why you friggin did all these to break somebody else heart .
They like you doesn't means you can do anything you wan .
What ? You sucks in handling this kind of relationship thinggy ?
That was so god damn funny .
I'm gonna rate this as international jokes man .

Well , you know how disappointed I am ?
I can't believe you can be that fake .
After that convo that I squeeze out from my heart .
I can tell at least I am sincere when talking all those thing to you .
My words hurt ? stab straight ?
Yes , thats my purpose .
I don't wan't to see you be a b*tch like this .
Isn't fun hurting people heart .
My dear , you believe in karma ?
Or you freakkin know about that ?

After telling me ,
You will make things clear with that guy ,
Even thanks me for my truthfulness ,
the next thing you do is telling that guy that
you can't be with him because I scolded you ?
And the next day you went out with him and hug hug walk walk ?
Bravo my dear .

BFF = Bitch Fake Forever t(-_-t)
Nothing stays forever ,
Best friend ?
Ji Mui ?
F*ck you to the max .

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