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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuuuuaaaaaccccckkkkk Exam

Urrrgggghhhh ~
This week was so wtf =_=
Mix up with all sorts of feeling

Pass My Cat Level , YAY ?
well , not really giving a wow .
Some of my friends couldn't pass
I really prefer we can do it together
now the class was so quiet and empty
and I am so not used to it =(

But somehow I know
we gotta move on no matter what
If we can't face the failure , we will never success right ?
So for those who relevant
Remember this ,
Although our CAT graduation photo will be seperated
But make sure our ACCA's is together ^^
Ga Yao People =)

And yeah
Holly shyt , Progress Test 2 next weeeeek =(
Arrrggghhhh ~ !
So not prepared OMWTFBBQ
So hell yeah I HATE EXAM ~.~
ahhhh but still all the best to those victim of PT2
Rawr ~


  1. jia you jia you...
    my friends are also complaining.
    haha, but there's a bright future for you. :)

  2. tolanic ~ exactly , its gonna freak me out LOL
    dylan ~ yeppppssss , so stupid the system >< ahhh anyway thanks ^^

  3. Congrats for passing! It is tough though... ^^
    I dunno how want to study for my pt2 test oso.. =(