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Saturday, September 4, 2010

D i f f e r e n t

Someone told me
Selfish is not a bad thing sometimes
Thats the way how you protect yourself .
Instead of giving out everything to others that don't really appreciate .
Why don't save it for yourself ? =)
Treat yourself better is the safest policy .

There is always time when you care too much
every single tiny bits
What you get ? Nothing .
Well this doesn't means that I wan't something back
Never .

Aih nebermind , feel free to be selfish
Even to me ,
cause I don't phucking care . XD
I am happy with my tidak apa attitude now ~

Imagonnaseethingsdothingsrealdifferentnow .


  1. gud~!
    tidak apa attitude is gud...
    at least wont hav so many conflict..
    n can prevent from getting into troubles..

  2. this photo again? I'm not gonna upside down my laptop this time~ HOHOHO :D immagonnaseehowdifferentitis. LOL

  3. I agree with that. Selfish is not bad at times. But don't be too selfish of course. XD

  4. totally agree.. this is a way to protect ourselves. i'm always think of myself before the others. but of course i will still treat the others nicely lah..LOL

  5. the selfish part.. looks like something i said before wor. maybe its someone else tho xD

  6. LOLx..i was paying attention on the pic oni..u're prety =)