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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

See See See =3

eh eh eh eh eh
peepo peepo see see see
i i i i i i . . . .

got my newww contact lenssss
weeeee , zomg i am so happy tudeiiiiii =P

Just in case you peepo wanna know
this is candylicious geh SUGARCANDY
[ I am selling owh =P ]
actually I bought this because the contact lens model dam friggin pwettyyy =3
OPS , and hey the lens nice also kayyyyyyy XD

ok peep
I better go finish my tax homework
I don't wanna get killed by my lecturer
I still wanna wear this lens for many many more days XD

Oh YA !
God pls bless me
Don't lost my lens , break my lens or
*namo namo amen* =)

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