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Monday, September 20, 2010

Call me busy bee =D

owh peepos
sorry for not updating my blog
But I am not lazy neaaa ~
saw my title ? XD
I ma so friggin busy past few weeks

Went to lotsa place
Went back penang during raya break .
And did a photoshoot there with MILAN .
*point point* photo up there ^o^
Went to Kajang then broga hill =D
I am so cool =P
Then went to malacca with BELOVED classmates ^^
HOHOHO I guess i got lotsa thing gonna update you guys especially those pic
will post here once i got to steal it from shan XD

Owh so this post is just an indication I still alive
stay tune for my relevant updates ^^
ciao ~ ❤


  1. LOL I also baru came back from penang. *Yawns*

  2. go here go there, go everywhere but dint come find me. =P