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Thursday, September 23, 2010

P for Photoshoot ❤

Bikabooom ~
Neh Neh Neh , dun say I never updatedatedate BLEK
As I said ,
Weeks ago , I went back to Penang during Raya Break
Did an Indoor Studio Photoshoot at MILAN as well .
Was fun but tiring cause I got four diff outfit bla bla .
What I did ?
I stand I sit I even lie on the floor LOL
Mama said thats gonna be my birthday present O_o
But mom , somehow I prefer you gimme cash =P

PS : I know the make up was kinda errr thick
But hey not my fault ~
I am not the make up artist =D

Shyt I am so fat FML

Fake smile XD

Bling Bling all over LOL

Act innocent ? bahahaha ~ Dun scold me la !

Owh about the REAL photoshoot pic
ahhhh FML again
I haven't got it RAWR
Will update if I got it =P


  1. where got fat.. ok what.. lol =)

  2. You look sooooo cute but I agree w/ you the make up is thick. I'd prefer a fresh face look if there's an opp

  3. Hey girl, you're gorgeous just the way you are. Cheerios~