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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Malacca Trip

Omg I realise almost every single post of mine also start with
Sorry peepo for the late update LOL
FML la , one word , busy XD

Ok peepo so this is another picture post
cause I cant write everything that happen in malacca in the post right =P
so lets the pic talk

the shade made me looks like a superstar wannabe LOL

Malacca was so effing HOT so ice cream come to rescue ! ^^

Such an epic pic , nobody force him , he requested LOL ~

Group pic from far ❤

Monkey yong monkey mann ;)

whoah ! we are here , malacca say yo !

Looks I am taller than him ! =P

Pretend emo , feel lai liaw but spoil by them , why you are smile ! Grrr
Behind wan like chatting LOL !

Still got how far to go ?! O_O

Ze Awesome 3 XD

How sweet and we are clean , no scandals ! LOL

I love this place seriously ^^

Stupid bangs , where you kidnap my eye ! @@

Don't ask me what am I doing cause Idk ! LOL

Our temporary shelter , Love Max ! Xoxo

By me , so I can COOK !

Yours truthfully cooking breakfast for 8 peepo nor .

Egg ! OMG egg ! that egg white in the york looks like sperm LOL ! =P

Well , we had lotsa fun over there .
Although malacca real real really HOT to the max .
But still I enjoy the trip alot with the "sayang-est" friends !
Xoxo . ^^