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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello I am CAT graduate =D

So anyone wanna hire me ?
or sponsor me in ACCA ? XD

Seriously I don't like the friggin graduation ceremony
What we done ?
Waiting waiting waiting and waiting
And we have to pay samo =(
hello I am just a poor little student without any income
so why are you keep squeezing money out of me T_T
You know what , we gotta pay
RM45 to rent a harry potter-like black robe ,
which I could buy myself something nicer and no need to return at the end of the day =_=
Rm90 for the not-so-delicious lunch buffet
HELLO ZOMG RM90 I rather spend on jogoya !
And FML because this is compulsory we can't skip it ='(
the buffet was so not good NOT GOOD *Grrrrrrr*

Well , the only thing we enjoy the most is
tadaaaaa those photo session =D
so peepo , its . . . .

Somebody said we look like twins , OMG really ? @@

bahahaha I don't know why the hell we acting like idoit LOL

Owh he think he is cool =D

With shan Xoxo

SPOTitTIME : I got a pimple and she got a mole , where is it ? XD

RM45 to be Harry Potter Mann =_+

Group Photo with Group 5 ex classmate ^^

Felicia the blogger =D

Brown * Black * Grey * Black * Brown =P

LOL - able photo from me and Calvin XD

Girls DO Rocks LOL

I sit like so holly LOL with the robe =S

Everybody looks at different direction LOL and I winked ! =D

Nice and bright as we shine ! ^^

LMAO , he love to bully him but not me , cause I am innocent =P

Gotta end this post with this instant photo
How nice it is
Of course ! this is from the instant camera that I sell =3
Interest or not jek =D
Yes ? click here for more enquiry la !
So peepo what are you waiting for !

PS : Thanks tiffany for the flower ! Xoxo ❤