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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

20102010 is Mann's Day ❤

Ok sorry sorry sorry for the delay ~.~
October is a super duper busy month for me .
Well , dam alot peepo's birthday .
Include mine =D
Guess I got many post to catch up =P

So , first of all let me complete my late Birthday celebration post =D
Oh yeah lemmi remind you guys
Its 20102010 , mad cool right ! XD
Ha.ha.ha OK OK dun boo me LOL

How to start .
OK pictures =D

Celebration 1
191010 at college before MOCK exams
Surprise fail cause I am far too smart XD
and thanks to the clues by the blurhead =P
Btw you guys still rocks ! ❤❤❤

I wish ACCA demolish law paper =_+

Boohoo ! MuiDiang TheGreat is my name =D

Oh my cake with the planner , shan ❤

The amazing 'surprise' crew =P

Celebration 2
221010 at TGI fridays after MOCK exams
Thanks for those who coming =D
Enjoyed max ! ^^

The deco the deco rocks LOL

obviously I AM NOT READY ~.~

Ewww funny faces . =S

Zomg Zomg I need a diet plan ! =(

Calvin I din't slippery you I swear ! X)

He actually ask us drink the tomato and chilli sauce =3=
what a prank I GOT CHILLI WTH .

I present you FAKESOME . =/

It means OK , or THREE .
I don't know ~

I din't mean to kill him =D

Awesome picture with a messy table LOL

Hmmm , I might end this post with . . .

ok FML I scared by this shyt .
dang the TGI friday worker T_T

Next episode :
Present present weeee =D

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