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Friday, November 5, 2010

Awesome Calvin Its Your Birthday

Hey readers ! =D
I am back .
Shall update another birthday post X)
Told cha october damn alot peepos birthday .

Like dono what kind of ceremony LOL

Peace , haih idk why the cam so blur T_T

FTW still blur =(

Ok birthday boy whatcha wish ? =)

Proudly present the CALVIN in cream XD

Like ewwwwww =_+

He look like a cat in this pic , don't he =P

Flour O_O

Hmmm ~ my black top ~.~

So serious kayyy ! OMG

Peace in flour , why me also =_+

Epic sial . XD

Nah nah nah see how evil he is =3=

Holly crapppppp ~ !

Present your truthfully and the planner .
Look at the floor ZOMG .

Totally mess in HIS ROOM X)

Clean up crew XD

Well , like what you all see
Calvin's celebration was totally like a war LOL
Since I am the planner of this surprise party
And hello I dam proud of my surprise cause it is so successful =D
So lemmi tell you about it .

*Clearing throat*
Actually I killed dam alot brain cell of mine thinking our calvin's surprise party .
Well , you know nah . Surprise wor , so easy mea .
But when you see how happy how touch the fella is ,
ok my brain cell worth dying *RIP*

As usual , I din't wish him on his birthday eve .
Why ? I purposely wannn XD
Just to let him thought that we had forgotten about his bday =P
Then the next day 30th oct , somebody date him out for dinner .
Aha , sure he expecting something from us .
But he underestimated me . X)

First , we told him some of us will be late due to some prob .
Only 5 of them will be on time .
Then as usual , I ask sean , the one who only rely on GPS [ Guna Pun Sesat ] ,
to pretend that he lost somewhere and need calvin to come out bring him .
Then we use the time when calvin went out to sneak into his house .
Wonder how we get to find his house and sneak in ?
Well , I contact his sis since the night before . *pro-ness clap clap*
Then we hide inside his room , waiting waiting .

*Tik Tok Tik Tok*
I was standing beside the door with the cake and lighted candle when he flung open the door
* Happy birthday to you ~ Happy bithday to you ~ . . . *
HAHA guess what , he was shocked by me till he "wah !" and jump onto his bed .
Mad gau xiu nor his reaction . Haha .
Then the rest you guys can see it from the pic nah .
Cream Flour War OMG .
I so innocent , just because I am the planner then I ends up like a cake too =3
Ahhh but its fun nah , like serious ^^
Just that the cleanning job not that fun and my black top also RIP ad . =_+

And then the present part was so epic .
We gave him a beautiful box and ask him to open .
"Tadaaaaaaaaa ! Its a stone !"
LMAO , I don't know he is shock or disappointed .
He told me is shock but I think is disappointed nah XD
"Aha aha , stone ? Good ah I can use it as paper weight ."
LOLNESSSSS how fake X)
Ok la actually we did buy him an iphone 4 original casing nah .
Just a prank , GOTCHA =P

Hmm I like this pic Idk why =P
Just one msg to Calvin
Err , seriously you rocks , in your own way .
You know , you told me you used to have no friend and antisocial
Oh crap you definitely cool in socialing .
Well , to me you was like a brother
And also Ji Mui of cause =)
Just to tell you that we stand , we stay , no matter what .
Love ya ❤

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