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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ralph Lauren FTW nor !

Alert : This post contain 100% personal randomness .
Ou Em Gee Ou Em Gee
OK this is random sial
but the friggin red tote from ralph lauren really FTW wei !
Serious T_T
Somebody buy me this I call you my lord X_x

See this soclassyawesomemadnesschioredtote !
I wan I wan =3
But this red devil devil so friggin expensive T_T
Buy in msia need 1k =_+
Even if ship from oversea also need 500+ include shipping
Somemore can't use msia credit card .
Haih useless msia what also cannot use T_T

Black nice also , classy
But RED is fashion ! =3
Ahhh I am so into red recently
Ok babes its time to save money
Wishlist wishlist ❤

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