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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Officially KO-ed

OMG this gonna be such a LONG and HARD week for me
Why ?
Whole week of edc class of F6 taxation paper by Ms. Rozy !
Due to this round we gonna have a new examiner ,
We have to work harder and harder and harder .
Such a hardcore =X

Well peepo ~
Everyday from 8.15 till 5.30pm and yet having homework to do at night .
Finally on the fourth day I officially KO-ed
Haih Not enough rest ahhhh !
Flu fever + sorethroat
OMWTF such a combo ~ T_T
It had been so long I never fall sick .
Yishness , Final coming soon
I am so gonna recover and pass my friggin paper !

PS : Do take care yourself ,
Don't fall sick owh ~ =)
Oh ya mummy fall sick and went in hospital
Get well soon mummy i love you ❤


  1. Get well soon to you and yr mom (: and good luck for yr finals too! You can do it :D

  2. Take good care of yourself kay . =D All the best and good luck in your final ! Mushroom mui boleh ! =D