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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I also sien jor nor ! =X

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I sien jor nor , you not sien mer !?
this sentence , to somebody out there , familiar hor ? ~.~
I don't know how many time I quote this phrase ad .
Hello I really don't like be the middle person nor
This fella dislike that fella ,
That fella dislike this fella .
I don't wanna comment about this shyt anymoremoremore ~
Used to be some kind of idiot keep trying to peace you guys out
But seems like I never success
haih now for me IGNORANCE IS BLISS !

But hmmm ,
Tolerance is such an important element in friendship
any relationship need this to work out right .
Everyone knows about this
But what make it so hard for them to fulfill this term ?
not like it will cost you anything .
There are many many many times
just a little bit of tolerance
take a deep breath ,
telling yourself is ok , ignore ignore .
they don't mean to do so , maybe they are just in bad mood .
Chill with it and be cool .
Really that hard ?
I don't like seeing your all keep arguing
Just a small matter , chillax ! @@

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