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Friday, October 15, 2010

Life can be miserable sometimes . . .

Dealing with irresponsible people may be tiring .
Getting not-so-good wordings from friend may be heartbreaking .
So what ? !
Nothing gonna beat me down =D
Its not that I don't mind
Just that I don't wanna wasting my time ,
nor wasting my tears perhaps .
How long I never shed a tear ,
So thats gonna be a big stop sign for such a stupid thing . =)

Yeah , they did made my life turn a little down for a moment .
Claps for them , Cheer for them ?
Yeah right whatsoever I don't give a damn
Cause I am quitting this shyt ,
And may you two happy forever and fcuk the world =D

Oh ya ~ ! My latest love : Cupipi ❤ Xoxo
Sounds like cute pee pee X)